ECC properties to be tendered again

The local government of Pécs recently decided to try once more to draw attention to the investment portfolio related to the european capital of culture (ECC) program. the offering will again include the Zsolnay cultural quarter, the Pogány airport, and the high-rise building.
Körtési Zsolt, 2008. május 27. kedd, 01:00

Since the preparations for the ECC investments, which are to be carried out from own sources and EU funds, are progressing quite slowly, the municipality recently decided to try to draw attention once again to the investment portfolio that was completed last year, offering dozens of opportunities. Hungarian and foreign investors are currently being offered nine prepared programs representing total investment volume of 75 billion forints. The two thousand square metre building on Ágoston Square, located just 400 metres from the city's main square, is suitable primarily for tourism-related investments.

The 25-storey high-rise building that has become an emblem of the city is also in the portfolio. The more than 17 thousand square metre, early 80-metre tall tower, owned by the municipal government, is suited to serve several functions simultaneously. Offices, a dormitory or even luxury flats could be set up inside it, for example, while an investor would also have to build a large-capacity parking garage nearby.

The Pécs-Pogány airport located just 9 kilometres from the city is still planned to be put on the lock, with already several billion forints spent on the airport's development over recent years. Among others, a 1500-metre long and 31-metre wide asphalt landing strip, and a new passenger terminal were built, while the airbase has also been fi tted with modern navigation equipment. Two programs are on offer on the site of the prestigious Zsolnay factory. The feasibility study of the 850 million forint program has already been completed. The health industry innovation centre is planned to be built on a 5700 square metre site in the Pécs industrial park, with a budget of 6.5 billion forints. The investment has already received a preliminary building permit, with the project planned to be set up by the city from private capital and EU funds, with the cooperation of the PTE and the University of Kaposvár.

The Pécs Health Industry Innovation Centre Zrt has already been established for the construction and operation of the complex, which would support scientific research and innovative processes. Taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the ECC, the city would also like to fi nd use for the 35 hectares of yet-undeveloped land within the 150-hectare Pécs industrial park, which will soon be linked to the capital with a speedway and a motorway. In addition, lands are also on offer in the eastern part of the city, along the Szabolcs stream, with 29 hectares earmarked for residential developments, 40 hectares for industrial projects, and 21 hectares for an office park.