From Old Buda to New Buda

two houses are being built simultaneously in two characteristic locations of budapest. one is the suburban-moody jazz loft in Óbuda (Old Buda), and the other is the modern simplon garden in Újbuda (New Buda). Both were designed by the t2a architect office.
NAPI Online, 2008. május 27. kedd, 01:00

It was not a difficult task for Gábor Turányi and his son, Bence, to design two new residential blocks in two vastly different neighbourhoods, since they were very familiar with both the suburban milieu of Óbuda and the bustle of Lágymányos. The strong characteristics of each neighbourhood as well as the direct proximity of housing blocks were a given, while both locations contributed positive impulses to the design process. As Gábor Turányi puts it, they had to imagine the 21st-century continuation of the tale of the local inhabitants.

While in Óbuda the old was harmonised with the new, in Újbuda the plans for the new city centre and its dominant buildings provided a guideline. The Jazz Loft residential park is being built on a corner plot marking the edge of the city district, which was built between the 1930s and the 1960s. The new building conforms to the mill building, which will be renewed, as well as the neighbourhood’s intimate atmosphere. Its dominant materials are brick, stone and wood. The old and the new building will together enclose the huge future park-sized garden.

The Simplon garden is the corner building of the new city centre block, with a narrow courtyard but huge terraces. Its lines conform to neighbourhood’s characteristic, rounded-off corner houses. However, the dominant material of its façade is glass; in addition to the windows and wide terrace doors, it is also adorned with playful, colourful glass strips. Since behind its courtyard the city centre’s other sections will continue, the intimacy of the building will be created with a wall of plants running up the interior courtyard façade. In this way, stepping out from the bustle of the modern metropolis, the same quiet, restful living environment could be created as in Óbuda.