Who wants Taszár?

The ex-airbase does not have a valid operating permit.
Napi Gazdaság Online, 2008. április 30. szerda, 14:11

MNV Zrt. is planning to assess the actual market demand for the Taszár airport. The asset manager of the out-of-use airport is planning to conduct a public market study of potential investors and project ideas before inviting a tender for the airport’s use. The main advantage of taking part in the study from an investor standpoint is that the tender underwriter will learn of their proposals and evaluate these, and will later use this information upon inviting the tender, taking into account the elements selected along the priorities expected from the investment.

The Taszár airport does not have at present an operating permit from the aviation authority, and does not meet the legal criteria for civilian airports either. Correcting these will be the primary task of the future owner, provided it plans to use the property as a civilian